Canary Products HZ117 Humidifier Review

Humidification is very important especially during the dry season. It is going to relieve the effects of scratching throat, dry nasal passages and dryness. Humidifiers also help in reducing the effects of static electricity, keeping the plants healthier and keeping the home warmer during the winter months and cooler in the summer months. This beautiful HZ117 can easily blend in your kitchen or living room while working for many hours to make your home comfortable.


Auto shut off feature

Canary Products HZ117 Humidifier has an automatic shut-off feature. You do not have to monitor or wait to shut it off. When the tank is empty, the device goes off and the off indicator light comes on while the on indicator light shuts off.

Simple and compact

This humidifier is simple and compact. Thanks to its design, it can easily fit anywhere without messing up with the home décor and thanks to its size; it is not difficult to find a place to keep it.

Adjustable mist output

There is an adjustable knob where you can adjust the amount of mist you want released into the environment.

Removable water tank

The tank of the Canary Products HZ117 Humidifier is removable. This makes it easy for you to carry and refill. It also makes it easy for it to be cleaned and maintained.

Refill indicator

There is an indicator light that lights up whenever the tank is running low of water and it needs a refill.


This humidifier can be an easy blend with your kitchen décor or the living room such that it can fit anywhere in the kitchen and still look like a perfect fit.

4.1 tank

With the 4.1 liter tank the device can be last for up to 24hours of use before the next refill is made

Low power and whisper

The Canary Products HZ117 Humidifier is a low power humidifier. It consumes very little power to produce a cool clean and healthy mist quietly Humidifier  without making any noise. The device can comfortably be used in the bedroom.

1 year warranty

The manufacturer offered a one year limited warranty for the device.


  • easy to use
  • easy to maintain
  • aesthetically appealing(beautiful)
  • auto turn off for safety
  • simple and compact
  • low power and whisper working


  • The product cannot be used with essential oils

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is it a cool or a warm mist? How easy is it to fill?

A. Cool mist. It is every easy to refill. You simply take the cap off and pour water into it.

Q. I have filled the water tank and the unit is not working, any ideas will be much appreciated.

A. we have used ours for about a month now and it works well. There are 2 switches. One is the power on or off. One is round. This controls the steam. You can first try switching on the power and see if you turned the unit on when you first used it. if you did turn the unit on then try this round switch to left side all the way and then turn on right side to adjust the steam.


With this attractive 4.1L removable and easy to refill tank you will enjoy up to 24 hours of consistent humidification. You will also not have to sacrifice the décor of your house to make the device fit since it is aesthetically appealing for any room. These benefits together with the fact that it is easy to maintain and use are the main reason why I would not think twice and buy the Canary Products HZ117 Humidifier.